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One of Booklist's Top Ten Women's History Books for Youth


Bad Tickets

It's 1967, the Summer of Love, and Mary Margaret Hallinan is shedding her good girl ways... mostly.  Will taking chances and making changes take her where she wants to go?  Could the right guy be just "the ticket" to get there?

Buy a ticket.  Climb aboard.  Take an offbeat, heartfelt ride with Mary Margaret on the magical mystery tour that every girl must travel to discover her own best path.

Praise for Bad Tickets

"A previous author of middle-grade novels, O'Dell makes a fab entrée into the world of YA literature. Although she sets her story in the '60s counterculture, today's readers will find no generation gap when it comes to Mary Margaret's questioning of friends, family and religion and her pressures and experimentation with sex, drugs and rock-'n'-roll."


"With insight and humor, O'Dell gives the good-girl-bad-girl story new depth."

-Booklist Starred Review

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