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Kathleen O'Dell cites the author Beverly Cleary as a source of writerly inspiration. As she read Cleary's books, Kathy wondered how an adult could possibly know so much about kids. Her sister, Mary, was a dead ringer for Ramona Quimby!

So far, Kathleen has written books with girl protagonists.  Female friendships and mother/daughter relationships fascinate her.  A friend once asked her, “How do you know so much about girls?”  After all, she’s the only woman in a household consisting of a husband, two sons, a male dog and cat--not to mention  a bunny named Daisy (who was discovered to be a boy after all)!  And then there are all the boy-type kids who have thronged her home through the years. 

Maybe writing about girls and living with female characters has been a way to keep a balance.  In any case, for Kathleen, thinking about girls  and writing about their lives is the most fun. 

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